CPA Reviewed Financial Reports

Destination Maui, Inc has a 40+ year history in successful homeowner and community association management. Cornerstone to our success is a basis of financial strength supported by disciplined business practices, sound investment strategies and unique experience. We employ a well-trained staff of accountants, led by Ron Kawahara, a top Maui CPA and Certified Property Manager.

Effective Financial Management

Efficiency and cost controls are not only key to our own success, we apply these same strategies to communities we manage. We continually monitor our own performance, and also look for opportunities for the associations we manage to be better, stronger and more resilient. Here is what sets up apart:

  • We provide the most comprehensive financial statements in the industry
  • Our capital reserve statements are very thorough- up to 12 pages long
  • The highest level of electronic security is applied to website interactions and electronic payments
  • A 100% paperless system means instant access to all association documents, saving our clients thousands in mailing costs
  • Operating budgets provide complete details, typically running 9-12 pages long
  • Have questions at odd hours? Owners have 24/7 internet access to payment ledgers
  • Our team are experienced in income taxation of home owner associations

We Take Your Financial Data Seriously

Today, more than ever, we need to be diligent in keeping community association financial information and data safe. Learn how we employ best in the industry security measures.

Changes in the economy can be tough on any type of business. We provide extensive training and guidance so that our clients can better weather business changes, as we have for nearly half a century on Maui. We didn’t set out to be the biggest association management company on the island, but our best-in-class service, financial strength and longevity has helped us acquire that honor.


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