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Our learning center provides free access to white papers, industry news, community and lifestyle articles compiled especially for homeowner and community associations.

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Two Funds, Two Different Functions: HOA Operations and Reserves

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Funding the ongoing operations of an HOA community stands out as one of the most critical functions of an HOA board — perhaps even the most pivotal. Ensuring the smooth running of [...]

Seven Things to be Thankful for in your Homeowner’s Association

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Volunteering as an HOA board member of your homeowner’s association is sometimes a thankless job – but there are a few things you can be grateful for. Your HOA does good things for [...]

How Will Maui Fires Affect Insurance Rates? 

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The Maui wildfires are estimated to cost insurers up to US$3-billion in damages, creating one of the largest insured losses in Hawaii’s history, according to an analyst report. Thi [...]

Understanding Elevated HOA Fees in Hawaii

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Hawaii's elevated cost of living is a well-known fact, significantly surpassing the national average. As a result, those relocating to the islands often find themselves compelled t [...]

An HOA Focus on Community Wellbeing After a Disaster

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There is an eerie quietness that is still felt after the recent fire disasters that decimated Lahaina, impacted Upcountry Maui. and caused evacuations in Kihei. These moments of ca [...]

Do You Have a Right to Protect Your View?

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Imagine you have been enjoying your beautiful Maui condo for years, then you notice a palm tree creeping into your ocean view. You may think that there is a simple fix to restore t [...]

A Guide to Reserve Study Standards

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The Community Association Institute released updated reserve study standards addressing maintenance, building inspections, and long-life components. These updates are critical for [...]

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