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Our learning center provides free access to white papers, industry news, community and lifestyle articles compiled especially for homeowner and community associations.

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Are Your Association Pool Rules FHA Compliant?

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Maui County experienced a record-breaking heat wave this past summer, making community pools more popular than ever. An increase in activity may prompt associations to consider new [...]

Create Bonds Between Your HOA and Residents

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Fall is a great time of year to focus on our interpersonal relationships. Call it a warm-up to the holidays. During the summer travel season, homeowners can develop a sense of disc [...]

What is a Condominium and What Can Be Condo-ed?

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A condominium is simply a form of ownership that divides a property into areas that are exclusive to one or a number of owners, with a community organization to oversee the entire [...]

How HOA Communities Can Conserve Water

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While we want to be as environmentally responsible as possible, saving water should be a prominent issue for associations and its owners. Some areas are already facing water restri [...]

New to a Homeowners Association? Welcome!

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If you are like most new home or condo buyers, you were given a large stack of association documents that you filed away and forgot about. But it is in your best interest to review [...]

Make Sure Gutters are Storm-Ready

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With our changing climate, we can expect more frequent storms with heavier rain, even in sunny Maui. But preparing your property for heavy rain does not mean pouring a lot of money [...]

Tips for Minor Home and Rental Updates

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Whether you are looking at do-it-yourself projects to freshen up your home or to upgrade your condo to offer it as a vacation rental, updates need not be extensive or expensive. Wi [...]

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