Whether homeowner associations (HOAs) are looked upon favorably can be tempered by several factors, including owner age, gender, and previous experience with HOAs. Sometimes not knowing what an HOA is all about is a surprise for new owners.

“If you are considering purchasing a property that is governed by an HOA, you should thoroughly understand how these associations work before you buy,” said Investopedia.

The reason for this is because HOA’s have rules that can affect your lifestyle- some say for the better, some say rules can be intrusive. For example, an association can mandate what a homeowner’s yard can look like, how loud they can be, or even how many guests they can have.

In theory, homeowners associations are supposed to exist to make our lives easier. Don’t want to mow your lawn or deal with noisy neighbors? Typically for a monthly fee, HOAs provide property maintenance and a code of rules meant to provide a uniform look and feel to a community.

Who Loves HOAs Most?
What is interesting is how age, and whether or not an owner participates in the process, affects these views. According to surveys by RealtyTimes, Baby Boomers are far more likely to love HOAs than Millennials or GenXers, and are also more likely to participate on an HOA board, giving them a deeper understanding of the decision-making process.

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Of top complaints to HOAs, noise complaints of loud music tops the list. But surprisingly, the younger Millennials are more likely to complain than older GenExers and Baby Boomers.

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Those that want a more carefree lifestyle where an association worries about appearance and maintenance of a property will likely appreciate an HOA. Those that want to frequently entertain large crowds, create a village of funky garden gnomes outside their condo or put up a play structure in the yard for their child may find HOA rules too restrictive.