When there is a contentious issue, such as raising dues or a major policy change, attendance at a homeowners association meeting may be high. But what about a “regular” annual meeting with little earth shattering business? Associations often have trouble getting necessary participation when homeowners are relatively happy and content.Here are 3 quick tips to help increase attendance at your next annual meeting.

  1. Incorporate Member Feedback

Homeowners may have questions, or want to express ideas and feedback. The important thing is that those that want to express an opinion be heard. It is also important to keep to a time schedule. One way to accomplish this is to have a facilitated forum separate from the annual meeting agenda where ideas can be expressed and written down. The facilitator limits the amount of time each member can speak, and makes sure the essence of the idea is recorded. While it is important to communicate that the board will not deliberate toward a decision during these informal sessions, you never know when a brilliant idea may surface that they make want to take up in the future.

  1. Increase member involvement

attend a meeting cartoonHomeowners may not feel their participation is needed or wanted at an HOA meeting. Involving members with serving on a committee or helping to organize a meeting does a couple of important things. Member involvement helps distribute the workload and also raises understanding of the work and responsibilities of the board. When a homeowner serves in a volunteer position, it may be a good way for both parties to see if they would be a good fit for a board position later. Or, a member with a passion for a certain issue may gain a greater understanding of the challenges involved in solving problems facing an association.

  1. Be Social

Many annual meetings combine a formal meeting with a social event afterward. After the business of the annual meeting is out of the way, homeowners have something fun to look forward to. Planning the social could be done by a committee including non-board members, furthering homeowner involvement. Creating a positive and welcoming experience at the annual meeting will go a long way in building community among members and increasing participation.


Increasing HOA meeting attendance is not an easy task, but by building trust by asking for input, finding ways to increase involvement and even have some fun, homeowners will see a greater value in attending meetings and getting involved. Destination Maui provides expert support for the business side of an annual meeting. If you want to learn more about how we can make a custom plan for your property, request a free proposal.