Volunteering as an HOA board member of your homeowner’s association is sometimes a thankless job – but there are a few things you can be grateful for. Your HOA does good things for the community and makes it a better place to live.

Following is a list of some of the things you can be thankful for in your Association.

  1. Amenities
    Community associations generally provide amenities that many individual homeowners might not be able to afford. These include clubhouses, tennis courts, pools, exercise facilities, and many other amenities that exist only because of the homeowner’s association.
  2. Higher Property Values
    Property values are enhanced, and standards of living are generally better in community associations. Most people may not like particular restrictions placed on them, but they are generally happy the restrictions apply to their neighbors! Having rules and regulations keeps homeowners from using their property to do things that negatively impact the neighborhood.
  3. More Local Control
    You have much more local control over your neighborhood within a homeowner’s association. Residents can elect their own HOA board members and make their voice heard in meetings. This often keeps burdensome city and county rules from affecting your neighborhood.
  4. Safety and Security
    Safety and security are often enhanced in neighborhood associations. You may have private security and locked gates. There may be patrols at times. While it’s crucial to call the authorities if the incident warrants, knowing your neighbors or coordinating a neighborhood watch program can help promote safety as well.
  5. Maintenance
    Your Association probably maintains areas that some people can’t or don’t want to have to worry about. This could include landscaping and buildings. This is valuable for elderly people living in the community, military personnel who may be deployed, and people who are just not disposed to doing such things.
  6. Community
    There is potentially a bigger sense of community in a homeowner’s association. HOA board members should try hosting social and charitable events that bring the neighborhood closer. A sense of unity and togetherness is never a bad thing. The good thing here is that when outsiders see this sense of community it makes them want to live in your area. Bringing better people in the community strengthens the neighborhood making it even more dynamic.
  7. Volunteers
    Be thankful for the people who are willing to attend meetings and volunteer for community activities. These people are a much bigger help then most others realize. It’s always good to have some help in the form of neighborhood involvement.

Being part of your HOA is a great thing in general. It takes good people on the HOA board and in the homeowner’s association to make your neighborhood a great place to live. Rather than focusing on hiccups that may occur from time to time, be thankful for all the good that happens in your community. It takes everyone to make that happen.

Destination Maui, Inc. would like to express our gratitude for the HOAs we serve, and appreciate the hard work done in their communities.