Summertime on Maui is often a time when condo and homeowner’s associations look to make landscaping changes. If your HOA has changes planned, here are budget saving tips that still create a beautiful tropical atmosphere.

  1. Do a request for proposal from landscapers.If your complex does not have a landscaping staff, detail out your needs and create a request for proposal. Not only will you meet your specific needs, getting bids from 3 or 4 vendors may save considerable money.
  2. Choose areas to focus on.Prioritize the areas of highest impact and visibility, and focus money and effort on those.
  3. Xeriscape! Organize your landscape and select plants that will minimize the use of supplemental water from irrigation. Learn more about xeriscaping.
  4. Choose native plants.Plants of Hawaii will establish more easily and take less time and money to stay healthy.
  5. Consider less expensive landscaping ideas.Large planters flanking an entrance to break up hardscaping may work as well as large bedding plants.
  6. Irrigate right.Set an irrigation schedule to avoid watering lawns during daylight hours, and schedule adjustments throughout the year according to soil and precipitation.During periods of heavy rain, shut off irrigation and set a reminder of when to turn water back on. Check water lines regularly to avoid leaks, sending money down the drain.
  7. Placement counts.Don’t place shrubs too close to walkways and driveways where they will need to be trimmed more often than if they are set back. Also, leave a lawnmower’s width of grass between walkways and shrubs so that it takes only one pass of the mower each week.

By planting smart, maintaining irrigation and being smart on maintenance, your HOA could see significant landscaping savings.