Travelers expect a certain level of updated décor, cleanliness and amenities when they book a vacation rental property. Fair or not, they will compare your rental to the level of living in their own home.

Dated, worn out or poorly working household appliances and furnishings send up red flags to travelers and could prevent them from rebooking the rental.

According to various vacation rentals’ guest feedback, there are seven common recommendations for improving your vacation rentals.

  1. Living room furniture — Replace worn chairs, sofas, and love seats, or have them professionally cleaned. Replace or reupholster chairs, sofas, and love seats between three and five years.
  2. Appliances — Replace refrigerators every seven years, or, if rusted, do it sooner. Although you could paint appliances, it might make more sense financially to simply replace them depending on the age of the appliance.
  3. TVs—Modern flat screen TVs are essential in rentals. The sleek look of a smart TVs will give the rental an air of sophistication. If you still have tube TVs, recycle them. You don’t need to provide DVD, Blue Ray or (gasp) VHS tapes or players either. Vacationers don’t get their media in this way anymore. Internet connectivity on a smart TV is the way to go.
  4. Walls, doors, trim, and baseboards—Repaint these every two to three years, depending on wear. But in between, be sure to spot-paint scratched or faded areas sooner as needed.
  5. Carpeting and tile—While it is a best practice to replace carpeting about every five years, plan for professionally cleaning each year. An investment in soil- and fade-resistant carpeting will pay off overall. Also, don’t neglect to clean any tiled areas. It’s a huge negative for travelers to see dirty grout on the floors, or worse, in the shower.
  6. Patio furniture — Be sure to pay as much attention to outdoor furniture as you do the inside furnishings. Quality outdoor furniture will last longer, but no matter the age, outdoor furnishings will need replacement if rusty or broken.
  7. Mattresses—Just as in a hotel, a sagging, squeaky or uncomfortable mattress is a big turnoff and will prevent guests from rebooking a property. After a full day of fun, guests look forward to recharging and relaxing in a comfortable bed, so it’s a good idea to schedule mattress replacements every three to five years.

Taking care to ensure your guests are comfortable and surrounded by up-do-date furniture, appliances, and other amenities will keep them rebooking your rentals far into the future.