A question comes up from an owner about once a quarter: Why didn’t I get your newsletter? That’s an excellent question, because we want all members of the HOAs we serve to get this information. The answer has to do with not sending unsolicited email under data privacy laws, and aligning current policies with more stringent regulations that are coming soon (and many states have already been adopted).

Your association collects owner names, addresses, emails and phone numbers for efficient communication regarding your Association business functions if we are contracted as your association management entity. However, you should still agree to receive the newsletter from us.

Data privacy is huge issue right now. The U.S. at some point may adopt a federal data privacy law as all of Europe has called GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Right now, regulation is up to states with many taking the lead from Europe’s GDPR. California essentially adopted most of GDPR and several states are looking at similar legislation, including Hawaii.

While there is much in this legislation that does not apply to anything Destination Maui companies are doing, there is one important aspect. A newsletter may be useful or entertaining to read, but it is not essential in the course of business. It is therefore considered marketing. Even though an association may give their permission to make a newsletter available to their owners, we also ask each owner to give their specific permission.

There are various ways to receive the newsletter. The information is part of a new owner packet, so you may have signed up when when you purchased your home or condo. If your email has changed, make sure and let us know through your manager or DMI account manager.  A newsletter may have been forwarded to you by your association, and you used the “subscribe” link, located at the bottom of every newsletter. Note there is also an “unsubscribe” link if you no longer want to receive the newsletter. Finally, you can view a copy of the DMI quarterly newsletter at any time in the online portal where you view your account ledger balances.

Your personal information should never be voluntarily distributed to other third parties without your permission. The third party could make deals with others for advertising purposes or allow the lists to go unprotected and widely accessible to marketers, creditors, and others.

At Destination Maui, Inc., we value our communication privilege with you, and have put these measures in place for your data privacy and protection. We also have a high level of system security protocols- the same that many top financial institutions use. In other words, we take your privacy seriously.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!