People in Maui County show up for each other in an unprecedented way.

During the recent fires, neighbors from cowboys to construction crews helped with upcountry blazes, while Molokai residents immediately loaded essential supplies from their small island to motor over by boat to their neighbors in West Maui. Island canoe clubs and people on jet ski’s transferred goods to shore. Many more examples exist, but they can be pared down to this: If there is a sincere need, we’re here for each other, including Destination Maui staff.

Even though DMI staff were dealing with their own grief over the fires, they activated a volunteer effort during the fire recovery. Initial efforts included providing traffic control at one of West Maui’s Resiliency Hubs, as well as distributing food and essential items to those that have lost everything. DMI’s sister companies worked on supporting housing needs and collecting donations.

Though we don’t often call out these local heros, Destination Maui staff have a legacy of volunteering. Whether it is helping senior citizens at Maui Adult Day Care wrap holiday gifts, or organizing a donation drive for the Maui Food Bank, these outstanding women and men are much appreciated for their service to the community.