HOA lawsuit

HOA Board Cautions: Better Safe than Sued

Voluntary board members aim to enhance their HOA community's living standards, which is admirable. But the association may also at times take on tough issues involving  sensitive information or controversial subject matter. On occasion, this could put associations, and even directors, in the line of fire for litigation. Directors should possess knowledge regarding actions that may involve legal consequences affecting the organization. Here is a list of top dos and don'ts intended to help board m [...]

Do You Have Adequate D & O Insurance?

Condominium boards and homeowner associations are responsible to act in the best interest of owners in the community. Often this requires making difficult decisions. These decisions can affect other owners or people doing business with the association. If a dispute arises over a decision, board members can be sued, along with the association. Just about everyone has something to lose in a lawsuit. Having the proper insurance coverage is key to protecting one's assets while serving on a board. [...]

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