Expect to pay more dining out on Maui, including at casual restaurants. Menu prices rose at Hawaii restaurants for four straight months over the summer as owners and managers continued to cope with increasing supply costs and rising wages for employees.

The Food Gurus Hawaii Restaurant Index provides data each month to Hawaii Business Magazine, tracking over 3 million transactions monthly at over 130 statewide restaurant locations, according to founder Doug Harris.

“Quick serve restaurants served fewer guests in July vs. June but kept daily sales flat with reluctant price increases,” Harris said. “This segment’s customers are the most price/value sensitive.”

Even though total sales revenues rose 2% in July, this was offset by fewer transactions. There was a slight increase in revenue per transaction.

Here are some stats according to the Food Gurus Hawaii Restaurant Index:

  • Sales at Maui restaurants increased 5% and the cost per transaction increased 2%
  • Sales at casual and fine dining restaurants statewide were up 4% and the ticket average was up 5%.
  • At restaurants in resort areas statewide, sales were up 5% and ticket averages up 4%.

Recognize that it is a struggle for our local residents working in the food service industry here, and tip generously when you can!