Landscaping brings life to any home. You can still achieve the design and emotional benefits plants bring, even if your outdoor space is limited to a small hard-surface area. If you are new to condo life or just miss having a garden, here are two great ways to bring color and life to your lanai.

Add Edibles
Most spaces outside a condo are not condusive to a corn patch, but you can still grow plants to enhance your dining experience. Consider an herb garden. For a small investment of space, you could grow basil, chives, mint, cilantro, and a host of other green leafy plants. Fragrant plants like lavendar and rosemary are hardy and are great for scent bowls inside. These leafy friends not only add green life to the lanai, but also fragrance and a fresh zing to meals.

Design with Potted Plants
You may already have a few potted plants outside, but take a tip from landscape design experts to kick your mini-garden up a notch. Choose flowering plants within one color scheme, such as yellows, blues or reds, then fill in with leafy green potted plants. Too much color in a small space can be overwhelming, but keeping colors within one family and supplementing with green plants can bring a natural element to your condo garden without looking gaudy. Note your exposure and how much sun your lanai gets and choose plants accordingly. Make sure and check your condo association rules, especially before adding a shade structure or hanging vertical baskets.

There is so much vibrant life in Maui’s outdoor scene. Bring a little of that to your lanai to draw nature into your home.